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Looking for a health and wellness copywriter that "gets it?" 
You've come to the right place. 

I'm Lubna, a board-certified physician assistant (PA-C) and freelance medical copywriter. 
As a health-obsessed medical professional, I've been in your shoes - AND your customers' shoes! 
Now I use my expertise & proven marketing strategies to help your business scale.

Anyone can be a writer...

...but not necessarily a proficient one. Perhaps you're here because you've seen some lackluster copy in the past, or maybe you've even tried to handle it all on your own. Take some of the burden off yourself and see what professional copy can do for you. Let's connect!


"Lubna delivered the reports on schedule with revisions. Lubna provided solid content and did her research! Lubna kept me informed of her progress and provided outlines and drafts as needed. I had no problems at all working with Lubna and will likely have additional projects for her."

- Elise Y., ASR

"I hired Lubna for her expertise as an exceptional copywriter. She has consistently delivered great copy within strict deadlines. I would highly recommend her for all your copywriting needs."
- Nisara R., Client Success Manager

"Lubna is a pleasure to work with and we would recommend her for tasks similar to our video script writing."
-Patrick B.